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banana, pina, colada, cocktail


"If you like pina coladas, and gettin' caught in the rain"... then you'll like this banana-rific version that's tropical cocktail bliss.


50ml spiced rum

15ml banana liqueur (Gifford's Banane de Bresil)

120ml pineapple juice

30ml Coco Lopez cream of coconut

1 banana

4 drops Angostura Bitters

Crushed ice

Garnish - chunk of pineapple, marachino cherry and umbrella cocktail stick.


Place/pour all the ingredients in a blender with the crushed ice.  Whizz it up until the mixture is thick and smooth.  Pour into fun glasses and garnish with a pineapple chunk, bright marascono cherry - skewered with a cocktail stick umbrella (if you have one).

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